Good Sport Aviation

Our Mission is to Facilitate the Advancement of Airplane Sport Pilot Aviation

Good Sport Aviation provides Sport Pilot Training and Light Sport Aircraft Rentals

Are You Ready to Be a Sport Pilot?

  • Are you on track now for your private pilot certificate and already have 20 hours?

    Why not take a check ride now and enjoy the privileges of being a pilot while finishing up your Private?

  • Were you on track for a private pilot certificate?

    You dropped for lack of time or funds and have logged hours?
    You may already qualify for Sport Pilot.

  • Do you already have logged time in an Ultra light?

    You can apply that time towards a Pilot Certificate? (Good only until January 2007)

  • Does the cost of private pilot training keep you from starting?

    Private pilot - $4500 to $7000, Sport Pilot $2800 to $3500

  • Are you in good health and have a valid US drivers license?

    You have some medical issues that worry you about passing 3rd class medical? (a medical failure will virtually keep you from ever flying again). The Sport Pilot certificate requires that you are fit to fly and have a valid US drivers license.

  • Do you already have a tight schedule?

    You don't have several hours a week for an extended period of time?
    You would like your sport pilot certificate in two weeks?

  • Would you like to enjoy the privileges of being a pilot?

    Any Yes's here? Congratulations! You are a potential Sport Pilot

  • You would like to fly unrestricted distances in daylight and in good weather only?

  • How about a non complex two seater airplane cruising a max of 138 mph?

Your next steps are

  • Contact Palm Beach Flight Training in Lantana, Florida KLNA - See web ring
  • Get materials for learning to fly and prepare yourself for the written test.
  • Receive a hour or two of ground school prior to the test
  • Pass the written test
  • Start flying!
  • Pass the Check Ride
  • You are a Sport Pilot

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