SLSA - Right Equipment

The Good Sport Aviation ZenAir Zodiac CH601XL has all the "regular" instruments and tools most aircraft have, but there are additional ones not usually seen in a Light Sport Aircraft.

These added devices make long cross countries and dealing with weather much easier. Now add that to the 360 view the canopy gives you and you'll have a grand experience.

  • Dual throttles - adds extra convenience, but a necessity when flying dual with an instructor
  • The usual gauges with artificial horizon - You just never know when you might need to know which way is up.
  • LARGE bright moving map GPS with full airport and airspace information. Makes navigation child's play
  • High quality standard NAV/COM Bendix King KX155 with VOR head. A must for training.
  • The VOR head
  • Dependable Mode C transponder. A must have
  • Cabin heat - It is a Florida plane, but at high altitudes and in winter a must.
  • Intercom system with 1/8 jack for your MP3 or CD player on those long flights. Music cuts out when COM is active.
  • Parking Brake - Very handy for short term parking and other times, but use with caution.
  • Electric flaps - convenience is everything
  • Glass panel engine monitoring - RPM, Oil temp, Oil Pres, Voltage, Amp, Fuel, Fuel press, CHT, EGT, Hobs and Tach
  • Mount for Garmin 396 with full WX Weather package. Flying with online radar in Florida keeps you flying and out of the thunder heads, winds aloft surface to FLT360, current TFRs, cloud coverage and more. A must have on cross countries.
  • Second Stick - a must have for training. How nice is it to have a capable passenger hold the stick while you take a brake or read a sectional.
  • Electronic aileron trim and electronic pitch trim. Another must for cross countries
  • Taxiing is a breeze with toe breaks and a steerable nose. Lots of control and turn in tight spot
Zodiac Picture